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Like Ellis, L.A. is an artificial being created by Douglas Rosenberg as part of Project Leviathan. Unlike Ellis, though, L.A. has no powers, and possesses a great hatred for humanity - especially Rosenberg. However, L.A. is greatly infatuated with Ellis and will do anything to help her, even though Ellis at first didn't reciprocate those emotions. He also uses as a weapon a single monofilament wire which he can use to cut anything from stone to human bodies.
At the beginning of the story, L.A. was sent by Rosenberg to monitor Ellis' progress as she traveled with Nadie, but not to interfere. However, when his behavior began to to cross the line, Rosenberg assigned the other person he hired to watch the two - Ricardo - to capture him and bring him back for discipline. He has since then been released and continues to watch Ellis and Nadie.

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