Originally a defector of East Germany, Douglas Rosenberg is a director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the head of Project Leviathan, a project to recreate a race known as "the Witches", who seemed to possess affecting temperature and gravity. The project was originally started by Rosenberg's father, but the project was gradually cut-back and later terminated, which resulted in the elder Rosenberg's death by suicide. Now Douglas, by use of back-channel connections and shady deals with several politicians, has recreated Project Leviathan, with the only successful results being Ellis and L.A..
Rosenberg can be cruel and manipulating, and is the one responsible for the murder of Dr. Heinrich "Heinz Schneider, for which Ellis was blamed for and is now on the run with Nadie. Rosenberg has sent Ricardo and Lirio, as well as L.A. to monitor Ellis' progress, but has to discipline L.A. several times for his obsession with the girl. Blue Eyes has placed herself within Rosenberg's office, but it seems that Rosenberg is aware of her activities.

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